All About Orange Juice

Enjoy this handy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about all things orange juice.

Orange juice is not mysterious, and it’s not complicated. But here are some interesting OJ-related tidbits that you may not already know.

Why did you reduce the size of your carton?

We reduced the size of our 59 ounce carton to 52 ounces due to the increased cost of fruit. Most other orange juice brands made a similar reduction earlier this year. Natural events such as Hurricane Irma significantly reduced the availability of Florida oranges and increased our costs. While our retail partners set prices, we will continue to work with them for lower pricing when possible.

Which items are affected?

All 59 Florida’s Natural domestic and international carton items will convert to a 52 oz size beginning in September 2018. Florida’s Natural 59 oz lemonade varieties will remain in 59 oz carafes.

What is the date on the carton, use by or sell by? Can I use it past this date?

The date stamped on our Florida’s Natural products is the recommended “Use By Date.” We do not recommend using it past this date. We suggest using it within 7–10 days after opening before the expiration date.

How many milligrams of calcium are in each serving of Florida’s Natural® Brand Calcium Added Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit Juices?

There are 350 milligrams of calcium per 8-oz serving.

Can I freeze the juice?

Although we do not have any testing data regarding the effects of freezing our products, many customers freeze the juice without any ill effects. We do recommend draining some juice from the carton to allow room for the juice to expand when frozen.

What does pasteurization mean? Is it radiation?

Pasteurization is the process by which the juice is heated to a very high temperature for a short amount of time in order to kill microbacteria. There is no radiation used in this process.

Is the sugar natural or do you add it later?

The sugar listed on the nutritional panel is the sugar that is found naturally in the fruit. Our products are 100% pure without any added sugars or preservatives.

Are the cartons recyclable?

The cartons used for our products are recyclable. They contain a polyethylene lining to prevent them from leaking. All materials are recyclable; however, facilities for handling the recycling may not exist in some areas.

What is the difference between a “from concentrate” and “not from concentrate” product?

The difference lies in how the fruit is processed. “Not from concentrate” means that the fruit is squeezed, and the resulting juice is then pasteurized and packaged. “From concentrate” means that the fruit is squeezed and the water is extracted, which produces a concentrated form similar to what you see in the frozen food department. At a later time, the water is added back, and the juice is then pasteurized and packaged.